Ask Reply, and considering Anime Boston


Thank you dear! I’m really fond of the coat, I worked hard on it! I actually AM probably doing pirate Aranea, I’m still just trying to nail down how I want to do it and if it is worth it.

Also, this is probably as good of a time as any to mention - I am most likely going to Anime Boston. I had tried to look into Fanime and Collosalcon, but the airfares were out of my budget. I have some friends going to Boston, and the Friday already off from work (unless there is a blizzard, fingers crossed.)

I’m still trying to see if this is a good idea for me to do, financially and everything else. Also seeing what kind of opportunities there would be for photoshoots and cosplay groups. I also know some folks in Boston (including a few Bostonstucks) and it would be cool to see them. So…we’ll see.

Anyway, there is a chance if I do it, I’ll wear Pirate Aranea there. Along with Frodo. And that Madoka fanart costume.

  1. hhhhammy said: OH MANNNNNNNNN come to Boston Barstuck if you do omg~~~
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