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Near NYC? Like 50s clothing? Enjoy oldie Rock and Roll? Like Homestuck?

If you haven’t already heard, an event is being planned for October of this year - Sock Hop Stuck! This event is being planned by me and will have some of the team that brought you NYC Promstuck helping out. It will be an informal dance with a loose dresscode inspired by 50s attire, and will have food, dancing, games, and the likes!

The registration for the event will not formally begin until probably August, but I do need to reserve the venue, and SOON. The two dates we are looking at are Saturday, October 5th and Saturday, October 19th.

If you are interested, please click here to read more about the event, and please FILL OUT THE POLL regarding the date! I realize that NO date is going to work for everyone, but I am trying to get a good idea as what date will yield the most attendees. Any less than 40 attendees, and the event will be canceled, and the more attendees over 50 we get (up to 125) the more funds there will be for food and decorations, so the numbers are important!

The poll will be up through Memorial day, and once I make the contract I will announce the date! For the mean time, please spread the word and remember to fill out the poll. Thank you SO much guys! <3 I am so excited that this is a possibility!

(also thank you to the sexy people in the above photo who all came to my last 50s stuck event <3)