How do you document real life when real life's getting more like fiction each day?


All I’m saying is somebody needs to put t) (e tras) ( back w) (ere ) (e belongs..


Your name is FEFERI PEIXES and today sure is EXCITING! While normally students aren’t permitted into the Forbidden Forest for academic reasons until fifth year, as one of the TOP HERBOLOGY students in your year, you’ve been granted a SPECIAL DISPENSEATION!  Mostly because your professor is still in a cast after an unfortunate collision with Mituna Captor and a HIGH SPEED BROOMSTICK.

But in the meantime you are HAPPY TO SHELLP, and so is your moirail.  You have been moirails since FIRST YEAR, and are the palest, most conciliatory couple in THE WHOLE SCHOOL!!! 

…Your name is ERIDAN AMPORA and you have been PALEZONED.

Eridan Ampora | Terieri
Feferi Peixes | Snowchildhero
Photography | Cowbuttcrunchies

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Theresa and I need to EriFef again stat. I LOVE this set, aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!


crofef? crofef.

Yeeeees good


Oh this one time, just this one time
If I could make a wish upon a falling star
If it came true, I’d stay with you
Always and forever, you and I together…

This is the FefEri shippy set from the ‘Just Be Friends’ beach photoshoot that was done a few months back. Dedicated to Lilly, who draws me pretty shit all the time of our OTPs, and I always want to return the favor…and having no skill with the pencil, this is the best I can do.

PS - If you want to sob, listen to the piano rendition of this song. When I get around to making the actual video, I’ll probably use a different version but it is still pretty to listen to!

Feferi - snowchildhero
Eridan - sharkpuncher
Photog - volvere

HAVE SOME MORE 2+ YEARS THROWBACK COSPLAY. Once upon a time I really wanted to make a music video to Just Be Friends with Eridan and Feferi cosplay photos. Paul and I took a bunch of photos for it, but as I changed and improved things with the costume, I felt weird putting it out, since the photos felt so out dated.

I still adore this song, and these photos were for the “happy montage” in the original song. Paul and I took such adorbs feferidan photos ;_;

Also a sob worthy English piano version can now be found here. UGH. THIS SONG. THIS SHIP. THE FEEEEEEEEEEELS.


Have a few FefEri shots! I’m starting to get to the cute/non depressive ones!

Feferi - snowchildhero
Eridan - sharkpuncher
Photog - volvere

And now…to bed! NYCC tomorrow! <3

A few people have been saying after seeing my Potterstuck pics “Oh, you should do Feferi more often!” The truth is, I did her all the time for a while, she was my first troll cosplay back in summer 2011.

It’s not thursday but here are a few throwback pictures! Back then Paul and I were still doing a lot of Homestuck cosplay together, and we had different horns and earfins. I’ve also been through three Fef wigs and four versions of Fef’s ‘goggles’ since then. I may be wearing her again at Katsucon for Theresa~! Hopefully I can get some pictures of it with all the improvements then!


Your name is ERIDAN AMPORA and you have made a TERRIBLE MISTAKE.

Eridan Ampora | Labyrinth1n3
Feferi Peixes | Snowchildhero
Photography | Cowbuttcrunchies

[Potterstuck Project]

these pictures I can’t. THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN TO DO. And there were SO MANY fabulous shots aaaahhh! I can’t wait to see the rest!

Having some #potterstuck Feferi/Eridan fun!


Your name is Her Imperial Highness Feferi Peixes, and it is quite impossible to run an empire without the help of your most trusted advisers.  Whenever they aren’t attempting to brutally murder each other.

Palacestuck @ The Atlanta Aquarium

♊ Sollux Captor | Pyropi
♒ Eridan Ampora | Hhhhammy
♓ Feferi Peixes | Gothichamlet

Lilly, this is very nostalgic….

also beautiful people aaahh <3


You are the Imperial Empress Feferi Peixes, and you have perfected what it means to be culled in Beforan society.  Under your rule it means caring for the unfit and infirm, and you have put this idea into practice by culling wigglers unable to be raised by a lusus.  You adopt and nurture off-spectrum mutants for their own good, and also because they are funny and colorful and you love them.

They often throw tantrums and sneak out of the palace grounds to joyride in your moirail’s boat, but that is fine.

Beforan Ancestors

Karkat Vantas | Hhhhammy
Feferi Pixies | Saccharinesylph
Photography | Gothichamlet

oh man I love Beforus ancestors, esp with these designs.











and then eridan never ever ever entered again in the ocean ever the end



Fancy Dreamers [MAGFest 2013]

Feferi Peixes | Eridan Ampora | Photographer


KACIE THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL. I love how you made the Christmas tree into a Derse tree XD!!!!! Thank you hon!!!!!

50s stucks!

Cronus Ampora / Feferi Peixes / Photog

This was our attempt at recreating this fanart, from askcr0nus! Feferi’s 50s stuck design is from askcuttlefishculler. I really loved this picture as soon as I saw it and wanted to make it happen cosplay wise! It’s not exact but we tried! Hope you guys like! Thank you to the original artists of both blogs! <3

and I am done cosplay spamming tonight now! Promise!


50’sStuck [MAGFest 2013]

Feferi Peixes | Cronus Ampora | Photographer

These came out great hon! I all kinds of want to tweak that costume before I wear it again (which is based on askcuttlefishculler's design!) but these are still adorbs!

Also for the record, Cronus is my moirail in my matesprit’s costume ;-) Paul you make a sassy Cro, I love it!

Preview pic of my 50s stuck shoot with Paul as Cronus! Based on art from askcr0nus, Fef design by askcuttlefishculler! Photo by kdoranphoto!